How to Create a Google Business Listing in 2 Minutes

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Creating a Google Business Listing is crucial for users to be able to find your business online and increasing your online exposure to generate more leads. MojoDojo shows you how easy this is by taking you through how to create a Google Business Listing in 2 minutes.

Hi. My name’s Yeshmin from MojoDojo and today I’m just going to take you through how to create a Google business listing for your business. So we’re just going to go to which should take us to this website we are now.

We’ll click the start now button. From here, we’re just going to type in our business name. For the sake of this video, I’m going to type in Tech Enterprise and hit next. Street address, I’m just going to put one Hoddle Street.

Now if you are an e-commerce store or you deliver goods and services to your customers you will need to tick the very bottom box.

I’m just going to hit next. Now that’s not our address. I’m just going to click on that it doesn’t match and hit next.

We are a digital marketing agency so now I’m just going to type that in. Hit Next. Phone number again, this is not my real phone number.

I’m just going to type in random numbers here and make this one up. In website let’s just put

Awesome now hit finish and you’re now on your way to creating your Google business listing.

Just one more step to go. You will receive a postcard in the mail if you opt for that option. That will just be to verify your address and it will take about six working days, and now you’re done!



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