Broken Links

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A broken links is usually a sign of an abandoned or neglected page.

It may also be a sign of an outdated page.

According to Google’s quality raters guideline, a broken link is a way to assess a pages quality.

A broken link is a link on your site that no longer works because the page it’s linked to has been moved or deleted.

Not only are broken links bad for user experience, but they can also hurt your SEO.

Broken links can cause a variety of problems for your website, including:
– Reduced traffic: If a user clicks on a broken link, they will be taken to an error page. This increases your bounce rate, which can hurt your SEO.
– Poor user experience: Broken links create a negative user experience, which can lead to users leaving your site without taking any action.
– Lost revenue: If you have an ecommerce website, broken links can prevent users from completing a purchase.

Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to check for broken links on your website. To use Google Search Console, simply login and select the “Coverage” report from the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click on the “Error” tab to see a list of all the broken links on your website.