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ccTLD (Country Code TLD) is a domain name that usually belongs to a specific country. has a .au extension at the end indicating that it belongs to Austalian domain authority.

Some other examples of ccTLD domains are

  • (France)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (European Union)
  • (China)

ccTLDs gennerally imply a strong indication that you cater your products and services to a specific market.

Generally ccTLD imply services are targeted for that country or region. You may still target multiple languages in the same region with subdomains.

ccTLD have a slight advantage in the country of registration in SEO. On the other hand, if you do register a ccTLD, your content might be limited to that geotarget.

When to use ccTLD?

The most common use of a ccTLD is to localize your business to a specific country. If you are a small business serving a specific country, you will benefit from using a ccTLD.