Mojo Dojo Casa House

Now that the whole world has seen the Barbie movie, it looks like the secret’s finally out. 

No, we’re not the Mojo Dojo Casa House. Yes, we share the same name (part of it at least). Yes, we’re an attractive bunch who spend most of our days in a rather quirkish space of our own. Yes, we convince you to get in on our brilliant ideas that could change the trajectory of your life (no, we’re not being dramatic). But, no, we are NOT the same. If anything, we’re very different but more on that later. 

We know you’re here for a reason. You wanted to read a piece on Ken’s frat house or stare a little too long at Ryan Gosling’s chiseled abs (we completely get it). But, you’ll find this a lot more interesting. How could you not? The Barbie movie sought inspiration from us. 

We are doing what makes us marketers… #trendjack… It is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook. Marketing is part art, part science. And trend jacking is all about capitalizing on the most popular conversations and inserting your brand into it.

Take a moment to reflect on when you first heard about the Barbie movie.

  • Did you see it all over your Instagram and Facebook feed?
  • Were there ads about it all over YouTube?
  • Were your favorite brands creating Barbie-themed lines for you to shop?
  • Did you see crowds of people all dressed in pink flocking over to the theaters and you knew exactly what they were watching?

The correct (and only) answer is, yes. 

Right now, we’re definitely capitalizing on Barbie’s appeal to reach you. We’re glad to have drawn you in from our name but we have to make sure you now understand who we are. At Mojo Dojo (the digital marketing agency, not Ken’s casa house), we dedicate ourselves to helping you capitalize on your appeal. All you need is a little faith in us. 

Before we get into ourselves a little too much, let’s dig deeper into what the Mojo Dojo Casa House even is. As you read on, you’ll realize that our ideals hardly resonate with Ken’s version of it in the movie. The phrase itself means lots of different things to different people. So, we’re going to give you a rundown on Ken’s Mojo Dojo Casa House (spoilers alert). We’ll then let you in on how we’re nothing like it. 

When Ken learns that not everything is run by women in the real world, he is inspired. He decides to bring the patriarchy back with him to Barbieland. Except, his version of it involves living in a Mojo Dojo Casa House and riding horses. It is a stereotypically masculine space filled with tacky furniture, horse-themed decor (the ultimate symbol of masculinity), and other absurd details. It may be a physical space but the Mojo Dojo Casa House casts out those who fail to align with its irrational ideals. These include: 

  • a manifestation of traditional gender-roles (ew!) 
  • a male dominated space 
  • unispring and dream-crushing 
  • emotionally lackluster 
  • 100% cringe

Not so sublime! 

Let us change the narrative now. 

So, what is a company then? This is a big and very important question to answer. Rather philosophical even. Is it the sum total of the value it provides to a society? Could it be the sum of all its people? What if it’s a soulless entity that hoards wealth? That would be terrifying. 

Here at Mojo Dojo, we believe that a company is the sum total of all its people, past and present. It is also the value they bring to the team. A lot of brilliant minds and hard workers have to come together to build a successful company. We are no different. Consider it a Ship of Theseus. Our culture and values have remained the same regardless of who is with us now. We’ve grown old but our identity is evergreen. 

A very large number of people, especially women have played a big role in making Mojo Dojo what it is today. Let us tell you the tale of a young woman who had a bustling career in a non-marketing related field. Well, one day, she desired a change in environment and the work she was doing. So, she came to us. 

She was full of innovative ideas, had worldly experience, and an accurate understanding of the consumer psyche. But, she lacked the canvas to execute these ideas. We became that canvas for her. Her positivity, enthusiasm, creativity, and willingness to learn shaped the culture of our company to what it is today. 

As a woman who was new to the world of digital marketing, she was determined to be successful. It wasn’t easy. Take a moment to envision the traditional image of a marketing professional. More often than not, it is never one of a woman. Regardless of the circumstances she experienced, her perseverance did not waver. 

In the end, she performed better on every level compared to her male counterparts. She was a trailblazer. She paved the path for other women to take the leap and pursue careers in digital marketing. Like her, you can be good at what you do in spite of your gender. At Mojo Dojo, we value passion and innovative thinking.

All we are saying is that if you are a marketing professional and you enjoy a good company, come work for us at the Mojo Dojo. We take fun to a whole new level. Don’t believe us ? See our Vlog #01

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