On-Page SEO: Improve Google crawlability

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Our monthly on-page SEO services are geared towards businesses that do not have in-house SEO or other technical expertise. We work with a number of technologies to help you improve your Google crawlability, Google indexing and page rank to improve your organic rankings.

Our On-page SEO services includes pre-content creation optimisation, On-page optimisation, content quality improvements, technical optimisation and post publication improvements.

  • Conduct and extensive SEO audit including your local listings
  • Identify target keywords
  • Optimize the title tag
  • Write your headline in an H1 tag
  • Write a meta description that boosts clicks
  • Check the URL slug for SEO-friendliness
  • Add target keywords to your body content
  • Mark up subheadings with header tags
  • Review document outline
  • Review your content quality
  • Add engaging visual content
  • Apply schema markup
  • Improve navigation with internal links
  • Make sure your page is indexed
  • Increase page speed
  • Ensure your page is mobile-friendly

Onsite SEO is just one piece of the puzzle. SMB businesses need to heavily focus on link building and creating content authority to make themselves stand out amongst the competition.

Bad sales rather than product is the number one reason why most business fail. Marketing your product or service is critical and our On-Page SEO helps you navigate the world of online marketing.

Here is what Australian businesses have to say about our SEO services.

Our on-page SEO services details a comprehensive plan to validate and improve over 100+ On-Page factors.

We focus on site level factors, page level factors, navigation, footer and header improvements to improve the flow of users to the right pages. This develops your authority and credibility in the eyes of the search engines.

Improved visibility

On-page or Onsite SEO targets one keyword or core topic of keywords per page to improve the visibility of that page for specific search terms. When users search for that term on Google, your pages are more likely to show up.

Improve search engines crawlability

We improve meta data and tags on your page to help search engines like Google and Bing understand your pages better. This also includes outputting sitemap.XML files and improving your Robots.TXT and robots meta tags.

Improve user experience

By improving the user experience on the page, your also improve the user engagement. This helps users get the information they wanted thereby boosting the page engagement rates and organic position.

Improve conversions

By adding schema or structured data, you also make your Google search listings more clickable. You also improve your conversions by improving your website find-ability and your user experience. Our On-page SEO service also focuses on optimizing page layouts and call to action to encourage users to take action.

Mojo Dojo is a Australian SEO company with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. We are a Melbourne SEO agency that has a local presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

Our services are catered towards driving revenue and organic traffic to your enterprise units.

We have worked with enterprises like

  • Market Leading Retail Giants like Lombards
  • Public venues like Lunapark & Melbourne Central
  • Builders like PDG group & Villawood properties
  • International brands like Denon, HEOS, Maximizer
  • Local SMB businesses and many more…

Over 15 years, we have been able to come up with an SEO framework for SMBs that can accurately pinpoint actions that will generate significant SEO ROI(return on investment).

We have completed more than 1307 real world experiments of over 932 organizations in SEO and paid ads management.

That is over 18,000 hours in planning, testing, auditing, implementing & analyzing real world experiments in online marketing.

We provide SEO services for SMB starting from as little as $1500 per month.

On-Page SEO

We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

Our SEO services cover a very wide range of subject matter expertise and geared towards businesses of all size.