5 Professional Networking Alternatives to LinkedIn

The landscape of professional networking is constantly evolving. It’s important to explore alternatives that will help you network alongside enjoy using other features. 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, an industry professional, freelancer or just someone seeking a professional community, there are a range of alternatives to LinkedIn that you can explore and be a part of. 

I’m not suggesting you should ditch LinkedIn but it could be beneficial to check out other professional networking platforms. Here are few options for you to consider: 

Bumble Bizz

LinkedIn + Tinder = Bumble Bizz

While your business may never show up on Bumble’s dating section, you do have to download the Bumble app in its entirety to utilize the ‘bizz’ section of it. 

Like most people, the first time you may have heard of Bumble was when you or one of your friends wanted to expand your network…or more specifically your love life. 

The different sides of Bumble: date, BFF and bizz

The appeal of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have revolutionized the dating sphere, simplifying meeting potential romantic interests through a ‘swipe right’, a ‘superlike’, and a ‘match’. 

Similar to the date and BFF modes, on Bumble Bizz, you swipe through the profiles of industry professionals to make connections with potential employers, recruiters, industry experts, and other like-minded professionals. 

Two industry professionals matching on Bumble Bizz.

Operating on the same principles as Bumble’s other features, you swipe right to connect and left to pass. The central tenet behind Bumble that differentiates it from the other dating apps is that women have to message men first. 

Seeing how well this worked in date mode, Bumble Bizz operates on the same principles. Only women can initiate conversations if a match is made in a heterosexual connection. 

It is a safe space for users to not only show off their skill set, upload a resume, and post professional pictures of themselves, but consistent with its ethos, it ensures that all connections whether professional or romantic, are approached in a comfortable and respectful manner. 

It’s a straightforward, no strings attached professional networking alternative to LinkedIn. 

Here’s why you should consider using Bumble Bizz: 

In-depth profile customization

Users can create a detailed professional profile, including key elements such as work experience, skills, and educational background similar to a LinkedIn profile. 

Bumble Bizz users can also filter by industry, networking relationship type, education, and years of experience to target the exact professional connection they’re looking for. 

Verification process 

The profile verification feature on the app enhances credibility and trust amongst users on the app. It ensures that profiles are authentic and belong to real professionals. 

It’s so easy to use

Just like date and BFF mode, it’s literally a swipe left or right to reject or showcase interest in connecting with an industry professional. 

If you hate being spammed on LinkedIn, maybe try Bumble Bizz. You and your potential business contact have to mutually swipe right on each other to connect and start chatting. 

What’s more, unlike LinkedIn, you’re freed from seeing unwanted adverts, attention-seeking posts, political ideologies, and so much more. 


Over the years Slack has evolved from just being a simple workplace communication tool. You can now leverage the platform’s community features for increased networking opportunities. Here’s how: 

Join relevant slack communities

Identify a relevant Slack community related to your industry or profession. A simple search on Google [insert ‘topic’ + Slack Community] or a search on websites like Slofile can help you locate your ideal community. 

Once you’re in, engage actively with like minded professionals to foster relationships and to increase your visibility. 

Utilize Job Boards and Channels

Many Slack communities have specific channels dedicated to job postings. Search using popular hashtags such as #jobs or #hiringchannels to identify career opportunities by employers or recruiters. 

Don’t forget to set alerts to notify you when keywords such as ‘hiring’ or ‘job opening’ become available on the channels/boards you’re a part of. You don’t want to miss out on new opportunities. 

A slack channel for job openings

Slide into someone’s DMs

Reach out to industry professionals, hiring managers, or recruiters directly through Slack’s real-time direct-messaging feature. 

You can even request informational interviews with professionals in your field to learn about potential opportunities, get advice, or gain an understanding about a company’s culture. 


As one of the most popular social media sites, Facebook has transformed from just being a place to post daily or occasional updates for your friends and family members. It is now a great source for professional networking as well. 

There has now been a rise in Facebook groups not only dedicated to sharing professional knowledge and experiences — but also occasional job postings by employers or recruiters. Here’s how to do it: 

Join relevant groups

You can utilize Facebook’s search tool to find groups/communities that cater towards your professional needs. Try keywords such as ‘marketing jobs’, ‘remote jobs’, ‘graphic design roles’, etc to join communities that cater towards industries with other professionals already in the field or seeking to be in similar roles. 

A Facebook group for newbies in tech

Engage actively

Once you’re in a community, connect with other members. Introduce yourself, mention your background, skills, and what kind of job you’re looking for. 

Remember to also engage with posts by others through liking, commenting, and sharing your insights. This will help increase your visibility, especially by a respected or recognized member of the community. 

Some large groups also have sub-groups that you can join for more specific discussions or opportunities. Within these groups, you can seek advice from group members about job searching, interview tips, or company culture insights. 

Post your own job inquiry

Looking for something specific? Write a post about what you have to offer and attach your resume or portfolio. 

Even if you can’t find your dream job, you will definitely leave with useful tips and advice from professionals or recruiters who will direct you in the right path towards landing your dream job. 


Do you consider yourself a creative professional? Then you should be on ArtsHub. It is an online platform dedicated to the arts community, providing a range of resources dedicated to creatives, art professionals, and organizations. Artshub is very much Australian and Australia specific.

Here are some key features of ArtsHub:

Job listings

ArtsHub offers a comprehensive job board for users to find employment opportunities in various arenas of the arts sector. Employers can also create a profile to post job vacancies to attract desired candidates.

News and articles

Keep with the latest happenings of the art world by checking out the newsletter section of ArtsHub. Read news, articles, and opinion pieces related to the arts. 

These articles cover industry trends, profiles of artists and organizations, and reviews alongside insightful analysis of current events impacting the arts community.

ArtsHub news page

Events and exhibitions

Keen to connect with other arts professionals? This site features a calendar of arts-related events and exhibitions for you to stay informed about upcoming opportunities to engage with the arts. 

This includes everything from gallery openings, theater performances, festivals, and conferences. 


As a fresh graduate, do you sometimes find yourself scrolling on LinkedIn looking for entry level roles? You finally find one but it requires you to already have three years of work experience. Make that make sense. 

Well, Paddl is a platform designed to help individuals, predominantly students and early-career professionals to develop specific skills and seek job opportunities. 

Here’s how: 

Skill development

Users can participate in various challenges and activities to obtain Skill Cards. These cards represent specific skills and competencies a user has and are visible to potential employers. 

Employers can then select applicants with the right skills. They can also view profiles of users who have completed specific challenges and directly reach out to them. 

Paddl learning page showcasing badges and credentials users already  have and can further obtain.

Career development resources

Paddl provides users with access to various learning resources such as webinars, courses, and articles to assist in skill development. 

The platform can also be a great source for mentorship opportunities. Users have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals who can provide career guidance and support.

Gamification elements 

Paddl makes job hunting fun. Gamification elements such as leader-boards and rewards inspire users to participate in challenges that assist in continuous skill development. 

Users can also track their progress over time, see how their skills have developed and complete more challenges to further enhance specific interests.