Marketing Glossary

Marketing jargon got you tongue tied ? Don’t worry, Mojo Dojo can help ! Our marketing glossary is a comprehensive resource that lists most commonly used terms in marketing.

  • Anchor Text

    The anchor text is a visible, clickable element of an HTML document. Anchor texts are used to define hypertext links and also to define named locations for use as targets for links.

  • Ego Bait

    Ego bait is a specific digital marketing tactic that involves the creation of content that appeals to the egos, motivations, desires, and interests of influencers or thought leaders in your industry with the hopes of gaining their recognition.

  • Google Bombing

    Also known as ‘Google washing’, Google bombing is the practice of causing a website to rank high for a completely irrelevant or unrelated search.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a strategy that prioritizes attracting customers by offering and delivering relevant information required to make a purchase decision.

  • Sitemap

    A sitemap is a page usually available on your website that acts as a collection of all pages on your site and is used to inform search engines of existence of the pages as well as the last time they were modified

  • Spamdexing

    Spamdexing, also known as search engine spam, black-hat search engine optimization, search spam or web spam is the act of deliberately manipulating search engine rankings

  • Topical Relevance

    Topical relevance refers to the degree of semantic alignment between a webpage’s content and a specific topic or theme. in other words, topical relevance is how closely the content of the page aligns with the topic or theme of the subject.

  • What is a 404 Error?

    The 404 Not Found status code indicates that a server has unable to find the requested resource. This code is commonly used when a page or resource is missing, deleted or never existed.