Improve your conversion rate by 25% conservatively.

That’s 25% more income for you every year. If your online store does $2 million a year in revenue, that’s an extra $500K per year. We help you outsmart your competitors rather than outspending them.

Do you struggle to convert your traffic into sales ?

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing your website to get your visitors to take intended action. These actions may include signing up an account or filling out an enquiry form.

Conversion rate is calculated as:

Conversion Rate = (Conversions / Number of Visitors) x 100

So if 100 people visit your site and 2 of them convert, then:

Conversion Rate = (2 conversions / 100 visitors) x 100 = 2%

Now consider this…

Doubling your conversions essentially doubles your sales.

So by focusing on doubling your conversion instead of doubling your traffic, you not only sharpen your copy but also make your offer more compelling.

You can double your conversion simply by optimizing the experience of a web visitor.

In other words, if you can reduce the labor required to navigate your page and remove confusion, you would have impacted the one thing that matters most – conversions.

CRO works because

It’s science. You form a hypothesis and you test your hypothesis by splitting your traffic into two separate streams. If your hypothesis shows improvement in conversions, you incorporate the variation and iterate.

It’s iterative. Testing never stops and even with a conversion rate of 5-10% you can squeeze out more conversions. You can always test more ideas.

It compounds. If you get a 5% improvement in the first experiment and then you get another 3%, it is NOT an 8% improvement. It compounds.

We provide conversion rate optimization services to grow your revenue without increasing your ad spend.

We analyze your customer behavior, identify their pain points and then identify patterns to reduce friction and confusion.

This helps the users perform your intended action.

How to define CRO success?

Different sites may have different ultimate goals. For example, an ecommerce site’s goal is to get the visitor to make a purchase.

Consider the following table for different types of sites.

E-Commerce site

  • Purchase
  • Checkour funnel/Cart abandonment
  • Newsletter
  • Phone calls

Service business

  • Form completion
  • Calls
  • Newsletter


  • Trials Or Signups
  • Credit card payment
  • Newsletter


  • Page views
  • Newsletter
  • Bounce rate

MojoDojo has conducted thousands of tests over the years and can help you answer the single most important question, “where do you begin?”

An ecommerce company raised its revenue by $2.8 million in 7 months with a 430% increase in transaction rate from organic search. Their overall transaction rate from all channels increased by 115%. Their revenue increased by 591%

A prominent construction company increased their conversion rate by 112%.

The prominent real estate company sells houses in the vicinity of $3-4 million.

A supplies company increased their overall conversion rate by 64%.

A very prominent and well known energy company increased their conversion rate by 96%.

Another prominent real estate company increased their conversions by 68%.

A prominent aviation company increased their conversion rate by 95% overall.

A specialist company who competes with the likes of Bunnings increased their ecommerce conversion rate by 234% overall.

A hardware supplier increased their conversion rate by a whopping 456%

Why MojoDojo

CRO requires a complex skill set. It stands at an intersection between UX/UI experience, Performance marketing, Digital Marketing, Analytics and Math.


We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

Our SEO campaigns are technology agnostic.