eCommerce SEO pricing & packages

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Most eCommerce startup will spend $3000 per month on eCommerce SEO in Australia. As your eCommerce sales grow chances are your product and categories expands as well.

Typical eCommerce consultant costs in Australian for an expert eCommerce SEO advice is between $175 – $300 per hour.

A number of factors impact how much you will pay for SEO services for your eCommerce store. This includes

  • Size of your eCommerce store
  • Size of your business
  • Categories in your online store
  • Products in your online store
  • Your product pricing
  • You discounting strategy, if any
  • Country targeting
  • International targeting
  • Complexity of link building
  • Complexity of your store code

We offer fixed price SEO packages including enterprise SEO packages & eCommerce SEO packages.

Mojo Dojo is a Australian SEO company with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. We are a Melbourne SEO agency that has a local presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

eCommerce SEO Package

$3000 – $15000 per month

Our eCommerce SEO strategy Includes:

  • Page speed improvements
  • Google search console audits
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Page checkout audits
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Long-tail keyword research
  • Topical relevance improvements
  • On-Page SEO
  • Google crawlability tests
  • XML sitemaps
  • Robots.TXT
  • Page metadata
  • Anchor text analysis
  • Anchor text optimisation
  • Meta tags validation
  • Document outlines
  • Duplicate content fix
  • Structured data
  • Headings hierarchy
  • Template improvements
  • Technical site sweep
  • Keyword cannibalisation audit
  • Content improvements
  • Faceted navigation improvements
  • Content calendar
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content readability improvements
  • In-depth reporting
  • Local citations
  • NAP verification & fixes
  • Link building campaign
  • E-E-A-T optimisation
  • Internal link audit
  • Category page improvements
  • Product page improvements
  • Broken link audit & fix
  • SERP feature schema optimisation

Typical Agency

✔️ Dedicated or shared account manager

✔️ Monthly reporting

❓ Direct phone support

Implementation offshored

Access limited to account manager with never having access to true subject matter expert

Cookie cutter approach to all online marketing

No milestones or growth goals to track and measure progress

Checklist based optimisation with no SEO expert review and junior executives implementing

In-house Team

✔️ Good understanding of the business

✔️ Can create own tracking and reporting schedule

❓ Subject matter expertise only and lacks broad spectrum of experience in online marketing

❓ Expensive to train

❓ Expensive to retain

Lack of tooling because of limited budgets for SEO and other online marketing

Documentation gaps, internal politics, lack of resources

Lack of urgency

✔️ Dedicated account manager with the option of face to face catch-up in your city

✔️ Six subject matter experts assigned to each project

✔️ Real time reporting

✔️ Direct phone support. Speak directly to the expert not the middleman.

✔️ Implementation onshore. Local team to work with and collaborate.

✔️ Monthly milestones & yearly growth plan

✔️ Custom marketing strategy developed specifically for your business

✔️ Over 200K per year spent on tooling alone

✔️ Implementation urgency built into the plan

eCommerce SEO Packages

Growth packages for your small business, enterprise or eCommerce store.