Topical Relevance

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Topical Relevance

What is topical relevance?

Topical relevance refers to the degree of semantic alignment between a webpage’s content and a specific topic or theme. in other words, topical relevance is how closely the content of the page aligns with the topic or theme of the subject.

To achieve high topical relevance, a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of subject matter is required. Topical relevance requires incorporating techniques such as entity salience analysis, latent semantic analysis (LSA), and term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF) to identify and emphasize key concepts and relationships.

By doing so, one can create authoritative and informative content that not only enhances user experience but also signals expertise and credibility to search engines, thereby improving page rankings and visibility.

Research has shown that topical relevance is closely tied to user intent and search context, making it essential to consider the semantic landscape of related searches and queries when crafting content.

Topical relevance is also considered in link building as it is predicted that Google looks at the topical relevance of the incoming & outgoing links.