Australia’s top rated Google Ads management company: we guarantee to outperform your best Google campaign

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We ran a collaborative audience research campaign with Google for this business entirely funded by Google.

The insights were so great that we wrote a book about it.

We are Mojo Dojo, a Google ads management company that specializes in Google ads, Youtube ads, Google App Store adsGmail ads, Display ads, Remarketing/Retargeting & Google Shopping ads.

(You are) Easily one of the most intelligent individual I have had the pleasure of working agency side. (You) did the best by the client who is reaping the benefit of running one of the most sophisticated Google adwords campaign I have seen in my career.


Kartik – Google Ads

Google Ads premier partner that will guarantee to outperform your current campaigns.

Our Google ads service will focus on 6 ads management principles

Google Adwords Account Structure

Increase in conversion rate

You Google ads account is structured in three main layers – Campaigns, Ad groups & ad copies + keywords.

We will focus on setting up your account with high level of details including using SKAG (single keywords ad groups) for better segmentation of your ads performance.

We will also ensure accurate tracking either via Google tag manager or tag management application of your choice.

We also deploy other strategies on account level including keywords expansions, keyword tapering, campaign segmentation based on time and theme and many more Google ads best management practices.

Performance Max Campaigns

We utilize performance max campaigns to maximize your return on investment by using Google’s entire inventory of ads.

Performance Max campaigns are a type of Google Ads campaign that can show ads across all of Google’s advertising channels, including Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting also sometimes referred to as remarketing is the ability to target an audience that has previously engaged with your website or app. We create remarketing and custom audiences and add a layer of sophistication in your Google ads management console. Using the audiences created, we create retargeting campaigns that focus on conversion for middle of the funnel (MOFU) and the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) users.

The retargeting strategy will include setting up audiences for remarketing, retargeting lists for search ads, display remarketing campaigns, video remarketing & dynamic remarketing campaigns.

Copywriting & Copy Testing

With compelling ad copy, you can showcase your products or services in the best light and stand out amongst advertisers selling similar products.

Our team knows how to craft attention-grabbing headlines and compelling calls to action that drive conversions. Google Ads console provides tremendous opportunity and technology to conduct A/B tests on your copy and your campaigns.

We also deploy extensive A/B tests on your ad copy and your campaigns.

Landing Page Experience

We help improve your landing pages to drive better conversions. These include A/B split testing on landing pages, testing multiple variables on the landing pages, redesign or iteration of landing pages, device specific landing pages optimization and landing page length improvements.

We also help you with user experience (UX) including usability testing, multi channel optimization and improvement of your product and services pages.

Bidding Strategy

Our bidding strategy maintains granular control on how and where we bid for your campaigns.

Depending on the campaign goals, we have also worked with bidding strategies like maximize clicks, maximize conversion, target CPA, target ROAS, target impression share and portfolio bid strategies.

Smart bidding techniques can also be further improved by improving your conversion tracking. We are Google Tag management experts and will help you improve your tracking setup to leverage Google AI heavily with the smart bidding techniques. We have indepth understanding of “auction-time-bidding” and associated parameters considered as a part of these bidding strategies.

Our Google ads management results

Google ads performance is based on three factors: ad text relevance, user search term to ad relevance & landing page relevance.

Higher ad quality generally leads to better performance.

This improvement in performance is measured as better ad positions and lower cost per click.

Let us show you how…

A prominent audio visual company returned $25 for every dollar spent. For a meager spend of $1800, the campaign generated $47,000 in revenue.

A prominent linen manufacturer with a $8.91 return for every $1 spent on ads. A $63K in revenue from Google ads based on a $7K spend.

A prominent cooking business returned $12.89 for every dollar spent. A 12.89 ROAS and a $13,000 return for a simple $1000 ad spend.

A very prominent collectibles company returning $171K for a $5600 in spend. A return of $30 for every dollar spent.

Another catering company having a $21 return for every dollar spent. A revenue of $170,000 for a spend of $7700.

And if you think, we don’t even have that kind of ad spend.

Would this even work for us ?

Here is a shot from a cleaning business that obtained a lead for every $11.45.

Just for a $2800 spend, they managed to have 250 leads.

Google Ads Management

Wasted budgets and underwhelming management of ads lead to poor ROI.