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Google Ads Agency that guarantees to outperform your best Google ad by at-least 17.6%

We took an Australian business from a one room office to becoming the No 1 Australian retailer in less than 5 years. In the process, we spent 12 million dollars running Google ads.

We ran a collaborative audience research campaign with Google for this business entirely funded by Google.

The insights were so great that we wrote a book about it. 

(You are) Easily one of the most intelligent individual I have had the pleasure of working agency side. (You) did the best by the client who is reaping the benefit of running one of the most sophisticated Google adwords campaign I have seen in my career.


Kartik – Google Ads

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Google Ads premier partner that will guarantee to outperform your best ads.

If we don’t, you don’t owe us a cent.

We guarantee that we will beat your best performing Google ads by at-least 17.6%. If we dont, you simply dont pay us anything.

We are offering you an absolutely risk free way of trialing our Google ads management prowess without paying a cent.

No asset production cost, no copy writing cost, no cost of ads management or setup.

If we do beat your best ads, you will simply agree to pay us an agreed management fee.

How can we guarantee to outperform your best ads ?

Google ads performance is based on three factors: ad text relevance, user search term to ad relevance & landing page relevance.

Higher ad quality generally leads to better performance.

This improvement in performance is measured as better ad positions and lower cost per click.

Let us show you how…

A prominent audio visual company returned $25 for every dollar spent. For a meager spend of $1800, the campaign generated $47,000 in revenue.

A prominent linen manufacturer with a $8.91 return for every $1 spent on ads. A $63K in revenue from Google ads based on a $7K spend.

A prominent cooking business returned $12.89 for every dollar spent. A 12.89 ROAS and a $13,000 return for a simple $1000 ad spend.

A very prominent collectibles company returning $171K for a $5600 in spend. A return of $30 for every dollar spent.
Another catering company having a $21 return for every dollar spent. A revenue of $170,000 for a spend of $7700.

And if you think, we don’t even have that kind of ad spend.

Would this even work for us ? 

Here is a shot from a cleaning business that obtained a lead for every $11.45. 

Just for a $2800 spend, they managed to have 250 leads.

Here is a prominent rental company that reduced their cost by 5% and increased their conversions by 65%. 

Their goal conversion rate also increased 7%.

Whether you run a small niche 1 man business or you are fortune 500 company.

Chances are we have grown a business just like yours.

Our guarantee is based on 6 powerful reasons. We are the only Google Ads company in the world that has access to number 5 & 6.


We understand your product

We research your product, read reviews, visit your business and chat with your leaders. We examine what makes your product unique and logically target those that need it the most.


Run by a Robotics & a Mechatronics Engineer

When two engineers get together to run a project, every thing gets double & triple checked. Logic is paramount and every thing is split tested. There is simply no scope of arbitrary beliefs.


Best copywriters & people

We hire the best people we can find. Our head of paid search was hired after they left Google. We conducted 59 interviews for this position.


$200K spent on tools every year

We spend $200K every year on tools and training material that keeps us on the cutting edge of what’s happening in marketing.


Split tested over 15 years

We painstakingly split tested millions of dollars in spend and documented every test that worked. This database of best performing tactics is only available to our company.


KOALA automation framework

We built a sophisticated automation framework that is available for your Google ads account when we onboard you as a client. This database of scripts that automates stopping wastage on accounts, adjusts spend over various targeting methods and improves performance has been built over 10 years.

Let us show you how some of our clients have done.

Villawood Properties with over 90% increase in conversion, 195% increase in goal completions & 22% increase in leads

Click On Rental with 256% jump in the number of inquiries

The Three Seas Psychology with over 135% increase in overall revenue

ABC tarps with 1534% increase in revenue

Metromovers with 455% improvement in conversion rate

Eurosolar with 370% increase in paid conversion and 700% increase in branded searches

BFREE Intimate Apparel with 1400% increase in online sales

C. H. Smith Marine with 6117% increase in paid traffic revenue and 23:1 ROAS

Comcater 50% increase in conversion rate

Linenhouse with 110% increase in paid revenue and 8:1 ROAS

and we are barely scratching the surface

We have put together some of the principles we use in setting up our ads into a playbook.

PPC Playbook

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Some very novel ideas that are easily extrapolated to other areas of marketing and software. 

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