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Google display ads are visually engaging ads served on the Google display network. Millions of websites, apps, YouTube and many others are a part of the Google display network and thus significantly impact your campaign reach and conversion numbers.

Display campaigns can be used to target users in all stages of the funnel including TOFU (top of the funnel users), MOFU (middle of the funnel users) and BOFU (bottom of the funnel users).

Google display network reaches 90% of all internet users. Remarketing campaigns on Google display network targeted to users at different buying cycles are possibly the best converting campaigns with lowest cost.

Mojo Dojo can help you setup both display and remarketing campaigns via Google ads console. We have helped hundreds of Australian brands create display campaign targeted to their audiences.

Some key considerations of Google Display campaigns include:

  • Targeting the right campaign objective including sales, leads, website traffic, brand awareness or reach.
  • Using the right parameters for showing your ads including interest categories, manual placements and demographics.
  • Calculating cost of conversion and setting up smart bidding for improved cost of conversions
  • Researching the cost of most valuable conversions.
  • Researching the value of your most valuable keywords
  • Using attribution model to work out the value of customer touch point whether that’s first email, display ads, PMAX campaigns or search ads.

We can help with:

  • Full life cycle display ads campaigns including remarketing
  • Interest categories research by using search and website history
  • Demographics setup including age, gender, annual income and other parameters
  • Location targeting for display network
  • Day parting or time specific targeting campaigns
  • Exclusions of irrelevant sites and content
  • Developing beautiful creatives
  • Campaign segmentation

We’ll build and test Google display ad campaigns that reach the audiences at the right time and with the highest likelihood of converting into a potential customer.

Ads in display campaign follow people in your target audience around the website they browse. Its a very effective way of nudging users at the bottom of the funnel to take action or make that purchase.

We can also help with

  • In-market segment targeting
  • Affinity audience targeting
  • Custom intent audiences
  • Placement targeting
  • Topic targeting

Mojo Dojo is a Melbourne headquartered Google display agency partner with team in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other regional areas of Australia.

We have years of experience managing display ad campaigns. We helped a small Australian company become the number #1 retailer in Australia in the solar industry. We spent over $12 million dollars running paid ads for them a large portion of which was attributed to display campaigns.

We ran a collaborative audience research campaign with Google for this business entirely funded by Google.

The insights were so great that we wrote a book about it.

We are Mojo Dojo, a Google ads management company that specializes in Google ads, Youtube ads, Google App Store adsGmail ads, Display ads, Remarketing/Retargeting & Google Shopping ads.

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