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Get more leads or sales with a Google Remarketing Ads experts. Our team uses a proven audience building system to get better remarketing results. We help your business make more money by targeting people who have already shown interest in your brand.

Google remarketing campaigns let you re-engage with interested customers who may have shown interest in your products or services in the past.

Mojo Dojo is a Melbourne headquartered Google partner remarketing agency that can help you improve your Google ads campaigns via remarketing.

How Google Remarketing Ads Work ?

Google Remarketing uses browser cookies or google ads identifiers to track users who have visited your website. When a user visits your site, a small text file (cookie) is stored on their device. This cookie contains an anonymous identifier that links to your website.

When that user visits other websites or apps that partner with Google, the cookie is recognized, and your ads are displayed to them. This is done through Google’s vast network of partner sites and apps, which use Google’s advertising technology.

The remarketing process happens in real-time, allowing you to target users who have shown interest in your website and re-engage them with relevant ads

Google uses the cookie data to create a remarketing list, which is a list of anonymous identifiers associated with users who have visited your website.

When the user visits other websites or apps that partner with Google, the cookie is recognized, and your ads are displayed to them. This can happen on:

  • Google search results
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google Display Network (millions of websites and apps)
Google machine learning

Source: Google

Our Google Ads Clients & Results

Boost ROAS with carefully crafted Performance Max campaigns.

  • 41% increase in transactions

  • 1100% increase in search volume

  • 6117% increase in traffic revenue

  • 256% increase in enquiries

  • 4994.81% increase in paid revenue

  • 498.27% increase in leads

Remarketing Services

We pursue profit and focus on create a sophistication in your ads console to heavily leverage Google AI and Google remarketing campaigns to drive conversions.

Over 97% of shopping consumers online say that the first time isn’t a charm. Users abandon their shopping carts after having shown interest in products and adding them to cart. This not only provides a poor ROAS but also wastes the budget spent on the first click or overall attributable marketing budget.

The best way to have these consumers convert is to build audience lists in your console and show them the most relevant ads to keep your brand top of the mind.

This includes

  • Standard remarketing campaigns that could be time, device or theme based
  • Dynamic remarketing campaigns to show personalized ads based on product or services they viewed before
  • Remarketing list for search ads to target potential customers who visited your website with customized search ads
  • Video remarketing ads to show display ads who have interacted with your YouTube videos or channel.
  • Price based remarketing to target consumers who have visited your pricing or product pages with pricing information

You can use smart bidding & set goals that will have the maximum impact on your bottom line. Mojo Dojo will manage the entire remarketing campaign from end to end. Remarketing can often be includes as a part of your performance max campaigns.

Why choose Mojo Dojo for your Google Ads or Google Remarketing Campaigns ?

We know how effective Google Remarketing is at re-engaging users and driving results. If you have low returns on your search or shopping ads, you need to consider a remarketing strategy with good audience segmentation. Our team specializes in Google Ads and uses a hyper-focused approach to keep your remarketing campaigns running efficiently.

Our Google ads remarketing service will focus on building a great level of sophistication in your Google Ads console.

Analyze your existing Remarketing campaigns

We will start with organizing a discovery call to understand your remarketing strategy and how your existing remarketing campaigns are setup. We will deep dive into your current audience lists and understand the level of segmentation available

Onboard & Implement our Remarketing ads campaigns

With over 15+ years experience in Google ads management, we will implement our remarketing campaigns backed by a robust bidding strategy. We will help with setting up campaigns for TOFU (top of the funnel users), BOFU (bottom of the funnel users) and MOFU (middle of the funnel users) audiences.

Implement dynamic remarketing

After having implemented the first round of remarketing campaigns, we will introduce additional audience creation & segmentation to target per page or per product remarketing strategy.

Obviously, total ads budget and campaign spend become a consideration but if you do have the spend we have the necessary expertise to make your campaigns laser focused.

Ongoing review

Since remarketing is the cheapest form of advertising, we will continue to review your existing Google Ads performance and continue implementing more remarketing campaigns as necessary.

Remarketing campaigns have the cheapest CPC and highest return on spend if done right. They are also very effective at keeping your brand top of mind for the consumers.

Google Remarketing Agency

Wasted budgets and underwhelming management of ads lead to poor ROI.