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Ecommerce stores running paid ads can maximize their ROAS by running Google shopping ads. Google shopping ads is the most underutilized channel and generally the highest revenue maker for most online stores. We are a Google certified shopping ads agency that can help you manage your Google shopping campaigns.

Google shopping targets transactional queries and triggers when a user query matches the title of your product. This gives you access to the most eager to buy audience that have the highest “purchase intent”.

Google shopping ads are also really rich in listing and include product images, headlines, prices, product ratings, stock information and much more.

Mojo Dojo is a Melbourne headquartered agency with team in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other regional parts of Australia that has run Google shopping ads for Australian businesses for well over a decade.

PPC Ads playbooks

Google shopping ads setup requires setting up a range of other platforms like Google Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager and others to return the best value for every dollar spent.

We will help you run successful shopping campaigns by helping you get started with all the necessary setup. We can provide help with

  • Google Merchant Center setup
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Google Analytics migration or setup
  • Setting up audiences in your Google Ads account
  • Setting up your shopping feed
  • Segmenting your product feeds
  • Debugging and troubleshooting feed issues
  • Google Ads setup
  • Setting up remarketing ads
  • Setting up performance max campaigns

A number of considerations need to be made when running smart or performance max campaigns. The top audit ideas for a Google shopping campaigns include

  • Are your high-margin products cannibalized by no segmentation on your product feed ?
  • Is you feed stale in Google Merchant Center ?
  • Are your product titles useful or meaningless using product codes ?
  • Do your product titles match user query ?
  • Do your highest margin products use a user-centric titling scheme ?
  • Are your product images clear and of high resolution?
  • Does you product photos have a clear or white background ?
  • Are you targeting very high intent search terms like specific categories or product names, individual SKUs or even exact product names ?
  • Have you got a strong negative keyword list?
  • Are you Google Shopping Ads campaign expanded to YouTube ads , discover or the display network ?
  • Have you added remarketing segmentation list to observation setting in your Merchant Center’s targeting page ?
  • Have you turned on Smart Bidding for specific attributes like user location or device to maximize conversions ?

There are many more audit items that can significantly improve your shopping campaigns and help you improve your ROAS.

Google shopping ads are often triggered for transactional queries and are often called product list ads (PLAs) in search results.

Businesses with under-management or set and forget strategy often struggle with return on ad spend on their Google ads shopping campaigns.

Google shopping ads are a great source of business intelligence and can be leveraged to do a lot of competitive intelligence mining.

  • You can use auction insights to uncover trends in your industry
  • You can use auction insights to draft a product development strategy
  • Shopping ads provide data on user behaviour and how to respond to evolving user behaviour for best ROI on PPC campaigns.
  • Shopping ads give you greater control on experimentation and can be used to dramatically improve selling your high-margin, high-profit products.
  • You can use audiences and broad match types to uncover strategies to reduce the cost of your campaigns.
  • You can also use dynamic ads to cater to user queries on the go.

If you are business stuck in the Google search ads or even one shopping campaign with no roadmap to scale, we can help.

Mojo Dojo has a long history of working with Google shopping ads and impressive results in the Google shopping campaigns.

We have in-house web development and devops team that can help debug issues with tracking and tagging.

We have experience debugging and optimizing Google shopping feeds whether that be XML or CSV with over 3 million SKUs. We will help you not only segment your feeds but also help you with indepth omnichannel integration including audience observations extended to other channels.

We don’t do one size fits all performance max campaigns but utilize a cascading performance max Google shopping strategy to maximize your returns per product or brand lines.

Google Shopping Ads Agency

Wasted budgets and underwhelming management of ads lead to poor ROI.