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Performance Max campaigns are a type of Google Ads campaign that can show ads across all of Google’s advertising channels, including Search, Shopping, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail and Maps.

Performance Max campaigns rely heavily on automation and require a minimum of $50-100 in spending per day for at least a month

If you run Google Ads and are still not using the performance max campaigns, you may be missing out! We are Mojo Dojo, a Melbourne headquartered Google Ads & Google Performance Max agency that can help you run laser targeted campaigns.

PPC playbook

What are performance max campaigns ?

Google announced Performance Max Campaigns in 2020, promising a new way to buy ads. Anticipation grew as they were tested in beta for a year. Finally, in November 2021, they launched to everyone and were generally available!

At its core, performance max campaigns use machine learning to drive better results. They do have some inherent limitations like lack of controls in visibility and bidding type.

We have been running performance max campaigns since their early beta test periods and have witnessed some statistically significant positive results.

We can help you with performance max management:

  • We can help you set some specific conversion goals and drive conversion based off that goal
  • Help you identify who is your most valuable audience and likelihood of their conversion
  • Help you with really high quality creative and extensive creative testing
  • Help you automate the creative generation and experimentation process
  • Help steer the machine learning algorithm in the right directions by ensuring conversion tracking is accurate
  • Uncover better and more comprehensive insights

If you miss the smart shopping campaigns that were replaced with the performance max campaigns, we can help.

Our Google Ads Clients & Results

Boost ROAS with carefully crafted Performance Max campaigns.

  • 41% increase in transactions

  • 1100% increase in search volume

  • 6117% increase in traffic revenue

  • 256% increase in enquiries

  • 4994.81% increase in paid revenue

  • 498.27% increase in leads

P-Max campaigns

We are a Google partner with extensive team of PPC experts that are Google qualified and vetted. We onboard many clients running Google traditional campaigns and are missing out on Performance max results because their agency simply didn’t have the expertise to run P-Max campaigns.

We recommend running P-Max campaigns in the following scenarios

  • You have a specific advertising and conversion goal.
  • You want to improve or maximize your campaign conversions
  • You are not particularly concerned with the choice of channel that your ads appear on
  • You want a single campaign to access all of Google’s ad inventory
  • You want to increase the breadth of your campaigns reach and not be limited by either search or display campaigns.

Google’s machine learning and AI powers the Performance Max campaigns and helps maximize your performance. The P-Max campaigns heavily uses smart bidding and attribution models to get the best return for your investment.

Performance Max Agency

We run ads for Australia’s most sophisticated companies.

Wasted budgets and underwhelming management of ads lead to poor ROI.