Real estate SEO: SEO strategies for real estate companies

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Real estate seo services

The market also has many real estate agents, property agents, property buyer’s agents, companies providing other real estate services, other real estate verticals and other companies actively competing for real estate related keywords on top of search engines like Google.

What are some of the most common challenges a real estate agent would face when optimizing their site for SEO or Google ?

  • Real estate attract two side of the market – buyers and sellers.
  • Lack of rankings for property appraisal related keywords
  • Lack of local presence for terms like “agent near me” or “real estate company near me”
  • Very low visibility only for specific service areas
  • No consistent flow of leads
  • No in-house expertise in SEO or paid ads
  • No control over lead quantity and lead quality
  • Forced to use between a couple of options for real estate CMS websites

While real estate agents generally cater to two side of the market, SEO strategy focused towards the sellers is generally viable as it keeps the money flowing into the real estate business.

Our Real Estate SEO services

People won’t always type in “real estate agents” into Google. Their searches will be much more specific like “property valuations” or “home buying checklist”. To cater to keywords at all part of the funnel will require a comprehensive plan of action including an implementation strategy to improve your SEO.

We can help with a comprehensive real estate SEO strategy

On-page SEO audit

Our real estate SEO services will cover an on-page audit that includes

  • Title tags, meta descriptions and other missing meta data
  • Open Graph tags and other meta tags
  • Subject relevance
  • Property specific listings
  • Property appraisal pages evaluation + improvements
  • Duplicate or thin content
  • Address pages optimization
  • Avoiding Keyword stuffing and topical relevance + topical map development
  • Document outline + template hierarchy
  • Archiving sold properties
Technical SEO audit

This will include

  • .htaccess files and DNS prefetch or other optimizations
  • Caching setup + optimization
  • Proprietary real estate CMS optimizations
  • Image optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap issues
  • HTTP headers
  • 404 and 301 redirects
  • Page speed issues
Off-page SEO audit

We will look at and provide intelligence on

  • Backlinks
  • Domain and page authority
  • Backlink quality
  • Backlink toxicity
  • Backlink topical relevance
  • Backlink placement
  • Backlink relevance
  • Backlink volume
  • NAP and citations improvements
  • Real estate specific links
  • Links from property portals
SEO report with recommendations

We will organize the report in order of impact with the most critical being the top most things to implement or fix. The report will also cover areas like

  • Broken links
  • internal linking opportunities
  • Title tag similarities
  • Copy issues
  • Content volume and relevance
  • Topical similarities
  • Structured data or Schema issues
  • HTML validations
  • Query relevance and intent report
  • Page loading times and lighthouse report with recommendations for your CMS whether that be WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or Magento or other real estate specific CMS.
  • Site hierarchy diagram
  • Crawl directed graph
  • 404 and 301 pages
  • Canonical report

Mojo Dojo is a Australian SEO company with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. We are a Melbourne SEO agency that has a local presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

SEO Clients & Results

See some of our impressive clients & results

  • 220% increase in revenue yoy

  • 138% increase in bookings

  • 6117% increase in traffic revenue

  • 498.27% increase in leads

  • 550% increase in organic growth

  • 34% increase in organic traffic

  • 198% increase in organic traffic

  • 787.61% increase in revenue

Millions of people each year search on Google for finding their right home. Australia has over 11.1 million homes with population of just over 27 million.

Some interesting stats about real estate include:

  • Overall property debt is considered low for a developed economy
  • Australia’s population has doubled in the last 50 years
  • Australians are not average middle class as widely believed
  • Australia’s population is aging and there is an expected boom in real estate considering the migration levels.

It is important to focus on improving not only your website but also to improve the conversion rates of the key pages of your website to capture and monetize all the traffic you get from all channels.

From an SEO viewpoint, you need to focus on

  • Building an organic growth plan that is sustainable
  • Perform and uncover most profitable keywords
  • Improve your Google My Business listings
  • Build your authority
  • Develop and implement a content plan
  • Focus on technical SEO
  • Build high quality links

SEO for real estate agents & property buyer’s agent

Real estate SEO will likely not outperform real estate ( REA group ) or Domain on Google. It’s about attracting many more local buyers and sellers in your area.

Some of the main benefits of our SEO plan includes:

  • Rank for key terms like “property appraisals” or “property valuations” to attract sellers to your agency
  • Target the right audience to boost your conversion rates
  • Educate and engage the community especially in Australia since most people prefer real estate companies with higher community engagement
  • Create service pages for other services your agency offers like property management, property repair services and so on..

Our real estate SEO services are not limited to just doing the on-page or the off-page implementation but also focus on providing the right advice in helping your business grow. We can also help you with marketing automation or EDM management for your real estate business to hit the right customers at the right time.

We will help you find the most relevant real estate keywords to rank for outside of ranking for your commercial intent service pages and home address pages.

Our keywords research will be commercial, transactional and one that are likely to bring you actual buyers or sellers.

Our SEO keyword research will uncover the most profitable keywords for you including deep diving into your Google ads campaigns or Facebook ads or Linkedin Ads to look at the highest converting keywords.

Our real estate SEO keyword research

Real Estate ProfessionalsReal Estate ServicesReal Estate TypesReal Estate Search
Real estate agentProperty SalesResidential real estateReal estate agent near me
Real estate brokerProperty RentalsCommercial real estateLocal real estate
Real estate consultantHome ValuationsLuxury real estateTop real estate agencies [[suburb]]
Real estate appraiserCommercial LeasingInvestment propertiesLocal real estate companies
Real estate brokers near meProperty Management ServicesNew homesHomes for sale near me
Real estate agents in [[city]]Home Staging and MarketingNew developments [[city]]Luxury homes for sale [[city]]
Real Estate ConsultingAffordable homes [[city]]
Real estate market trends [[city]]

Real Estate SEO Services

We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

We have extensive industry experience and will help you take your SEO to the next level.