LinkedIn playbook

LinkedIn CTV ads help you reach B2B audiences through streaming content on large screen environments.

Connected TV video ads play during long-form content (i.e. shows/movies) streamed through a large-screen TV device (i.e. Roku).

Using LinkedIn Campaign Manager, your audiences can leverage first-party targeting to zero in on a professional audience in an immersive TV environment, helping them reach their audience with the right message at the right time.

Our team of LinkedIn experts will help you:

  • a CTV ads strategy targeting audiences in US, CA and UK for English speaking audiences
  • Help with CTV creatives or videos for running the campaigns
  • Helping setup the CMT as not API support is available
  • Help with brand lift testing

CTV ads help with

  • Leveraging LinkedIn’s first party data including B2B targeting options
  • Targeted on larger screens
  • Full funnel approach

Mojo Dojo is a LinkedIn Ads management agency headquartered in Melbourne with team in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

We can help with

LinkedIn CTV ads are generally offered under the brand awareness objectives. CTV ads usually play through long-form organic video content on TV apps or various connected TV platforms that have partnered with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has created content and platforms partnership to generate a curated list of inventory for CTV ads. The demographic and the targeting options are the same as available through the LinkedIn campaign manager.

You will get a 30 day reach forecast under the forecasted results option and the audiences can then be later re-targeted under the retargeting options.

A number of post delivery metrics are available to measure performance. This include impressions, frequency, eCPM, eCPR, VCQ (video completion quartiles), completion rates and conversions.

You can also review and report on demographics such as job function, job titles and industry.

The only drawback of CTV ads right now is that it only supports auto bidding and hence it may be hard to tell without a test campaign whether it will work for you.

LinkedIn CTV Ads

Wasted budgets and underwhelming management of LinkedIn ads lead to poor ROI.