Our SEO Process

We believe there are 5 tenets to SEO and using these you can get to the first position on Google or any other major search engine. Our SEO Process focuses on these tenets.

The five tenets are

✅ Speed of the website

✅ Structure of the website

Content on the website

✅ Links to the website

✅ Observing and responding to the competitive landscape

Improve the speed of your website

Don’t just look at the speed of your homepage… Look at all pages and how they behave for your users.

One of the best question to ask your SEO is to let them explain to you the lighthouse report. It’s a report that tells you why your website loads slow.

In-fact, you can run this report right now inside your chrome browser through the developers console.

Identifying Performance Bottlenecks: A Lighthouse report dives into website performance, a critical SEO factor. It uses metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP) to pinpoint how long it takes for the initial content to load on your website. This directly impacts user experience and can serverly impact your website load times.

A skilled SEO will analyze the FCP score and suggest solutions like image optimization or code minification to improve loading speed.

Lighthouse reports go beyond basic checks.

They dive deeper into technical SEO parameters like Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), which measures the time it takes for the main content to render.

A high LCP score can indicate issues with JavaScript execution or large image files.

An SEO with technical expertise can recommend techniques like code splitting or lazy loading to address these issues, ultimately improving user experience and potentially boosting rankings.

Most SEOs that work in SEO agencies can’t explain this report. Don’t take our word for it. Go ask your SEO agency to explain these to you.

Improve the structure of your website

Structure of the site is key to its success. Non-hierarchical structures often lead to poor category rankings.

Imagine a website as a library.

Each web page within the site acts like a book on a shelf, containing valuable information on a specific topic.

Search engines like Google, Bing or others function like librarians, constantly crawling and indexing these web pages to understand  their primary subject.

Each page has a certain structure. Google uses the overall structure of your web page’s content for ranking purposes.

This structure is typically reflected by headings (H1, H2, H3 tags) and subheadings that break down your content into clear sections.

A good SEO knows the value of a great page structure and overall website structure. Without a well organized structure, your website is going to be hard to navigate or be useful.

  • Have you ever discussed the structure of your website with your SEO company?
  • Why does your website navigate the way it does?
  • Was it intentional?

Improve your website content

Is your content meant for the user or for the search engine?

Studies estimate a vast majority of webpages receive little to no traffic from search engines. 

High Percentage with No Traffic: Research by Ahrefs, a prominent SEO tool provider, indicates a whopping 96.55% of pages in their index get zero traffic from Google.

Minimal Traffic: Even beyond pages with zero traffic, a substantial number receive minimal visits. Ahrefs study also found 1.94% of pages only get between one and ten monthly visits from Google searches.

The number one reason for most of these pages to never get any traffic is no or low value content.

Here is how you can audit if your pages get low or no traffic…

For Google Analytics 4 (GA4):

  1. Go to Explore and start a new analysis.
  2. Set your date range (e.g., past 3 months).
  3. Add “Page path + query string” as a dimension and “Views” as a metric.
  4. Sort by “Views” (low to high) to see pages with the least traffic.

When was the last time these pages were pruned or culled or even considered ? A good SEO can look at the report and tell you if it is having a significant impact on your rankings.

A great SEO service agency will tell you how you can make these page better.

A good content strategy yields almost 17X ROI in 16 months as measured by our clients data in 2022.

Link building

Most SEO agencies will shy away from talking about this topic and so will Google.

All most all SEO agencies that don’t run a warehouse with flash sales pitch will shy away from discussion about link building.

Why ?

Link building is the ugly child of the SEO – one that none of the SEO companies can live without.

Links act as votes for your website and the more votes you get the higher you go in the search engine rankings.

The votes are also weighted. Simply meaning that the websites with higher authority who link to you will carry much more weight than those with lower authority.

When was the last time you asked your agency about links ? 

When was the last time your SEO agency told you how they build links ?

Do they build links ?

If yes, how? If not, why not?