SEO Packages & Prices

Local SEO

Simple Website

Keyword research & analysis

Tech diagnostics

Website architecture review

Review optimization

Link building

Ranking reports


E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce Website

Everything in the local package

Suitable for e-commerce sites with medium competition


Ongoing support

Content strategy

Local result optimization

Ultimate SEO

National Strategy

Everything in the E-commerce package


Enterprise SEO

Social media marketing strategy

Enhanced link building

National strategy

All SEO packages are custom built and custom quoted for clients based on various factors including competition, keyword research and existing content.

When you sign up with us for SEO services, you will get access to industry information and strategic plan to reach the top of SERPS.

What’s included in the SEO Packages

A competition strategy map is also created to ensure that you understand the aggressiveness and the strategy of your competitors. Understanding your competition and understanding their SEO game plan is usually a very high ROI activity before changing your SEO plan.

  • Access to monthly traffic reports.
  • Access to monthly ranking reports.
  • Access to account manager for handling technical queries.
  • Access to our team of professional content writers.
  • Access to industry talent and a pool of business intelligence collected over years of knowledge of SEO industry.

Our SEO packages are designed for businesses of all sizes and type. Enterprise SEO packages and pricing may differ based on a number of business related parameters to identify scope of work required.

We hear a lot of clients asking us if we have done any work in their industry or if packages are designed for their industry.

This is often a wrong way to look at SEO or digital marketing in general.

Often, the right question is: whether we can optimize their website to perform better in Google’s searches than their competitors.

E-Commerce SEO Packages

Our eCommerce SEO package helps you rank across the country including an international strategy foundation early on in the campaign.

Our eCommerce SEO packages specifically cover a lot of content strategy templating and a very good historical bench marking of your competitors.

We also measure a share of voice of your business along with your competitors to get the maximum advantage. For in-depth E commerce SEO strategies, please visit our eCommerce SEO page.

SEO Packages Pricing

The research across the industry suggests that cheap SEO packages usually do not get you the results you want to achieve.

Our SEO packages are usually priced from $2000/month for small businesses.

If you have a national strategy, are a multilingual site, have an international presence, we can help customize our packages for you.

Our local SEO packages are designed to deliver maximum ROI in the shortest amount of time. We measure ROI with revenue generated and not with keyword

SEO Packages

We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

Our SEO services cover a very wide range of subject matter expertise and geared towards businesses of all size.