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Mojo Dojo is a Australian SEO company with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. We are a Melbourne SEO agency that has a local presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

We have helped many Australian companies grow organically in Google and other search engines via SEO. We helped a company put on $2.8 million growth that was doing less than $420K in revenue per year via SEO.

Most SEO agencies have it wrong. They guarantee you #1 rank on Google in 90 days for specific keywords.

Why pay for something that does not convert into dollars ?

Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, implementing effective SEO strategies can lead to an increase in organic traffic and a boost in inquiries/sales.

Problem with most SEO agencies

99% of websites lose. Almost all of them make the same fatal error with SEO. They focus on traffic, not revenue.

#1 page ranking on Google is great for a trophy keyword. These three-four keyword combinations ranked by your SEO agency have no search volume.

That means, no one is searching for these trophy keywords.

We bet your SEO agency has offered you the 90 day guarantee ?  Here is how the pitch goes – “We will work for free if you are not on the first page of Google in 90 days.” Sounds familiar ?

Only for you to sign on the dotted line, pay the deposit and then offer these trophy keywords that no one is searching for.

Maybe your agency is promising you a “guaranteed” way of ranking #1 on Google ? In 90 days, no more. They obviously know this “one weird” trick..

We have been in business for over 15 years globally and have heard this pitch repeated in many different countries. The results are almost always the same –  “painful”

What you may need is a framework that focuses on SEO organic rankings without taking any shortcut. A digital marketing roadmap that promises long term growth.

We don’t care about rankings, traffic or any other metric your agency is trying to skew to make it look promising.

We care about revenue.

We’ll help you launch and scale digital marketing channels that are best suited for your type of industry. Who are we to make such tall promises ?

Our SEO services will include everything your site needs to rank.

Don’t worry about paying for web developer separately to help manage SEO implementation changes for structured data or hierarchical template changes. Our SEO audit will uncover everything and our SEO services will implement the roadmap the audit outlines.

  • Page speed improvements
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Structured data
  • Headings hierarchy
  • Template improvements
  • Content improvements
  • Content Calendar
  • Competitor analysis
  • In-depth reporting
  • Local citations
  • NAP verification & fixes
  • Link building campaign
  • E-E-A-T optimisation
  • SERP feature schema optimisation

Contextual SEO raised revenue of a company by $2.8 million in 7 months with a 26% increase in high intent keywords SEO.

If you pick high intent keywords to rank, even a lower traffic volume can substantially increase your revenue.

These high intent keywords require hours of research to uncover. SEO services focused on cookie cutter approach will hardly have the time allocated for in-depth keyword research.

A very prominent construction company 2xed the organic traffic.

Not only did they nearly double their traffic, they also increase the amount of inquiries by 4 times.

The prominent real estate company sells houses in the vicinity of $3-4 million.

This is just the result of a single campaign for a part of their website.

Another supplies company increased their revenue by 3X and increased organic traffic ( SEO ) by 136%.

Their eCommerce store had never done more than $26K per month.

Our SEO campaign netted them a cool $102K per month.

SEO is incredibly powerful that can benefit all types of businesses, regardless of their niche or industry.

Top SEO Services in Australia

Our SEO services focuses on keywords research, competitive analysis, site architecture, conversion optimization via UX/UI improvements & overall revenue improvements.

Over the last 15 years, Mojo Dojo has worked in over 81 different verticals, in 18 languages, and in 45 different countries, helping some of the world’s most sophisticated companies run laser targeted SEO campaigns designed for greatest revenue impact.

We don’t believe in winning awards. The best craftsman in their art never seek external validation of their art.

SEO Pros

Our team has indepth SEO training and SEO subject matter expertise. Our SEO services are built around providing you the best in class SEO expertise.

Keyword Research

We pick the most relevant keywords for your business based on a number of considerations including: competitive analysis, search intent, keyword type, keyword themes and highly profitable keyword opportunities.

Technical SEO

Our team has driven SEO campaigns for fortune 500 companies. Our tech SEO is centered around: Google Analytics audit, SEO audit, schema & structured data setup, site architecture, 301 redirects and 404 pages management & other server related optimization.

Our on-page SEO optimizations refines your pages and improves the relevance of the page topic. We do this by improving: Title tags, meta descriptions, headings, document outline, copy, URLs, user experience, media and other on-page elements.

We also focus heavily on keyword cannibalization, featured snippet optimization, content audit including content pruning. We will also give you recommendations on a full cycle content calendar including how to get E-E-A-T optimization.

Off-page SEO (search engine optimization) involves initiatives to enhance a website’s organic search engine visibility and credibility, without modifying the website’s content or structure. This includes cultivating high-quality backlinks through targeted link building program.

We focus on:

  • Link building
  • Backlink audit
  • App store optimizations
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local citations improvements
  • Local citation building

SEO consulting

Mojo Dojo has been involved in a number on consulting projects with larger organisations that have developed in-house team for their online marketing.

We provide consulting on a number on SEO related core-areas:

  • On-Page SEO consulting
  • Speed improvements
  • Page speed & lighthouse consulting
  • SEO strategic review
  • SEO program development
  • Link building consulting and implementation
  • SEO training

Our consulting services are useful for businesses that

  • have clear goals and objectives for organic traffic growth
  • are scaling their business
  • have limited in-house expertise
  • want to augment their expertise
  • are revamping, replatforming or migrating their website
  • are implementing a new content strategy

We have written extensive SEO audit reports for organisations that have over 5 million pages and have over 10 million visitors per month.

Whether you are just looking for specific SEO advice, looking for SEO specialists or are seeking an extensive topical map for your SEO, we can help.

Typical Agency

✔️ Dedicated or shared account manager

✔️ Monthly reporting

❓ Direct phone support

Implementation offshored

Access limited to account manager with never having access to true subject matter expert

Cookie cutter approach to all online marketing

No milestones or growth goals to track and measure progress

Checklist based optimisation with no SEO expert review and junior executives implementing

In-house Team

✔️ Good understanding of the business

✔️ Can create own tracking and reporting schedule

❓ Subject matter expertise only and lacks broad spectrum of experience in online marketing

❓ Expensive to train

❓ Expensive to retain

Lack of tooling because of limited budgets for SEO and other online marketing

Documentation gaps, internal politics, lack of resources

Lack of urgency

✔️ Dedicated account manager with the option of face to face catch-up in your city

✔️ Six subject matter experts assigned to each project

✔️ Real time reporting

✔️ Direct phone support. Speak directly to the expert not the middleman.

✔️ Implementation onshore. Local team to work with and collaborate.

✔️ Monthly milestones & yearly growth plan

✔️ Custom marketing strategy developed specifically for your business

✔️ Over 200K per year spent on tooling alone

✔️ Implementation urgency built into the plan

SEO Agency Melbourne

We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

Our SEO services cover a very wide range of subject matter expertise and geared towards businesses of all size.