Shopify Planning & Discovery

Our shopify replatforming, redevelopment, new development or any other Shopify or Shopify Plus project include a comprehensive planning and discovery phase. This phase is used to understand your business, your technology requirements, your expectations from the project and the platform. We also use this phase to craft a compelling digital marketing plan to benefit your business long term.

Some of our impressive Shopify replatforming or platforming projects include the following with some impressive growth numbers.

  • ~1000%+ increase in sales

  • 4994.81% increase in paid revenue

  • 178% increase in online revenue

  • 139% Increase in organic traffic

  • 276.59% increase in revenue

  • 787.61% increase in revenue

Key Objectives

We recognize that a comprehensive and meticulously documented discovery phase is essential to driving project outcomes for your next Shopify project. Prior to commencing your Shopify site development, our team will facilitate a rigorous planning and discovery workshop.

Key Objectives of the Shopify discovery workshop:

  • Align our teams around a shared understanding of project goals, stakeholders, scope, and success metrics for your rebrand or replatforming to Shopify
  • Ensure mutual confidence in the project’s vision, objectives, and deliverables
  • Set the stage for a successful collaboration and outcome-driven project execution with a cohesive execution plan for your Shopify or Shopifyplus project


Shopify Project Discovery

We’ll delve into crucial aspects of your eCommerce landscape, including:

  • What specific challenges are hindering your eCommerce growth and efficiency?
  • What essential systems, processes, and tools underpin your Shopify business operations?
  • What are your strategic objectives for short-term and long-term eCommerce success and with this Shopify project?
  • How can we effectively capture and showcase your brand’s unique identity in your online storefront?
  • Is Shopify aligned with your current business requirements and goals?

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your Shopify eCommerce objectives, our expert designers and developers will craft a tangible blueprint of your Shopify store’s future state.

We will develop high-fidelity mockups that bring your vision to life, whether it’s revitalizing an existing Shopify theme or creating a bespoke, custom-designed storefront that reflects your brand’s unique identity.

Australian Company GIving directions

Australian Company

At Mojo Dojo, we will help develop your website right here in Australia with platform of your choice. Our team is located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & some regional parts of Australia.

Pricing of campaign

Fixed Price Projects

We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs: monthly retainer or fixed-price projects. With us, you’ll never be surprised by unexpected costs. Our transparent pricing model ensures you always know what to expect.

Project Foundation & Planning

Shopify Project Development Blueprint

Having completed a discovery and having a thorough understanding of your need, our blueprint will aim to outline some major Shopify replatforming or development considerations.

  1. Stakeholder Identification & Team Alignment: Define project stakeholders and identify key team members responsible for day-to-day decision-making.
  2. Customer Insights & Personas: Develop a deep understanding of target audiences through research-based customer personas, outlining demographics, needs, pain points, and behaviors.
  3. User Stories & Success Metrics: Document user journeys and success criteria, defining key actions, outcomes, and administrator tasks crucial for website success.
  4. Shopify Platform evaluation: Conduct comprehensive training and review of Shopify’s capabilities and limitations to ensure it fits your replatforming or redevelopment requirements.
  5. Scope, Timeline & Deliverables: Establish a clear project scope, timeline, and design/development requirements.
  6. Responsibility Assignment & Third-Party Integration: Delegate tasks to respective teams and third-party vendors.
  7. Technology Strategy & Integration: Finalize decisions on hosting, security, major integrations, and essential technologies to support project success.
  8. Marketing consideration: Discuss and implement Shopify or Shopify Plus marketing plan including SEO and Google ads management. See our extensive guide on Shopify SEO.

Upon completing the comprehensive Shopify project discovery phase, we progress to the development stage.

Shopify Planning & Discovery

We craft beautiful websites that focus on conversions and revenue.

We build beautiful, memorable, high converting shopify online stores.