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Our Shopify SEO Services

Our Shopify SEO services helps brands put on impressive organic growth. Our shopify experts help you analyze your current SEO plan, your market and your competition and help draft an eCommerce organic growth strategy. We can also help with responsive design, setting up analytics & tracking & a content strategy for long term growth.

We offer Shopify platform services from end to end development, headless development with hydrogen, SEO services, paid ads management and speed optimization services for your Shopify stores.

We are Australia’s leading Shopify SEO & development agency that help shopify store owners make the best of their shopify stores. We are headquartered in Melbourne with team across Sydney. Brisbane, Perth and regional Australia.

Our Shopify Clients & Results

See some of our impressive Shopify SEO clients & results

  • ~1000%+ increase in sales

  • 4994.81% increase in paid revenue

  • 178% increase in online revenue

  • 139% Increase in organic traffic

  • 276.59% increase in revenue

  • 787.61% increase in revenue

Speed improvements in Woocommerce

Shopify Site Speed Optimization

Shopify has historically known to be a platform that often loads slow. Slow website can lead to negative impact on your keyword rankings & poor user experience. Slow loading times can also lead to high bounce rates, low conversions, and a poor user experience.

Our shopify development team will help with caching, optimizing larger images, minifying assets, enabling various compression and serving technologies & improving overall user experience.

We will also help with:

  • Auditing your shopify theme
  • Reducing images and re-framing
  • Lazy loading images
  • Limiting third party JavaScript
  • Migrating tracking codes to Google Tag Manager

Shopify Technical SEO Audit

We perform a technical SEO audit and generate a list of recommendations specific to your shopify store when we get started. These audits cover a range of issues including responsiveness of your site, structured data or schema markup on pages, collection page optimization , product page optimization and other query parameters fixes.

This Shopify audit and services will also help with

  • Site structure and site node visualization
  • Shopify collection pages and crawlability
  • Shopify crawl budget
  • Action URLs and other query parameter issues
  • URL slugs, duplicates, document outline, tags
  • Structured data for products and categories
  • Topical relevance and clusters

Shopify Specific SEO

There are a number of Shopify specific fixes that help immediately improve your crawling rates with most search engines. More breadth in crawling is usually associated with higher search rankings. Having worked with many shopify stores, we can pinpoint using Google crawl report what areas of your website need improvements.

We will also improve

  • Product page specific optimization including titles, descriptions, H1-H6 tags
  • Category specific optimization including content that helps search engines understand the category topic
  • Shopify quirks in the backend to disable crawling on certain URLs that are not useful to your users or search engines
  • Shopify specific canonicalization fixes to fix or avoid any duplicate content issues

Link Building

We will help with a comprehensive link building strategy including managing the entire link building process from start to finish. We will help with

  • Conducting a link audit and link topical authority
  • Develop a link building strategy that matches your site topic
  • Help with content creation needed for link building
  • Help with outreach, promotion or other related link building activities
  • Help with ongoing internal links to improve link equity distribution
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Our Shopify services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help your business leverage its full potential on Shopify Plus.

Why choose Mojo Dojo for your Shopify SEO services ?

Over the last 15 years, Mojo Dojo has worked in over 81 different verticals, in 18 languages, and in 45 different countries, helping some of the world’s most sophisticated companies run laser targeted marketing campaigns designed for greatest revenue impact.

For shopify stores, we have also helped a number of brands with product photography, product videos, shopify apps and integrations, email automation, branding and much more.

We have an extensive portfolio of clients and that includes many Australian brands like

  • Public venues like Lunapark & Melbourne Central
  • Market Leading Retail Giants like Lombards & Linen House
  • Builders like PDG group & Villawood properties
  • International brands like Denon, HEOS, Maximizer
  • International travel brands like Accor & Novotel

Shopify SEO Agency

We have extensive experience driving meaningful SEO results.

Our SEO services cover a very wide range of subject matter expertise and geared towards businesses of all size.