Page Speed Optimizations

Slow speed means impatient visitors and fewer conversions.

  • Is your website running slow?
  • Do customers complain about your website speed?
  • Are your conversions lower than the industry standard?
  • Is your bounce rate too high?
  • Are you loosing sales on your e-commerce website ?
  • Are you looking for improving your CRO, SEO or PPC campaigns ?

Let us help you speed up your website. Our website speed optimization service is focused on improving the speed of your site and to retain and engage customers.

Website Speed Optimization Services

Whether it is a WordPress site you want to speed up or a Magento store, that is running sluggishly. We can help. We also offer Amazon Migrations. Speed of your website is a contributing factor to good SEO rankings or organic traffic.

We work with cloud technologies including Google Cloud, Amazon AWS cloud and Azure Cloud.

E-commerce, service businesses, media giants and almost every website see a meaningful improvement in user experience and customer acquisition with faster website loads. Slow speed means impatient visitors and fewer customers.

We provide website speed Optimization as a service to improve your conversions and to retain and engage customers. Speed enhancement of the site depends on the number of factors. Your hosting company, the servers you are on, the content management system that you use and the amount of media you use on individual pages plays a critical role in determining what the speed will be.

Besides there are a lot of other factors like

  • Your CMS
  • Media on particular page
  • Whether you leverage browser caching
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS
  • Image size
  • Reduce the overall latency of the server
  • Reduce server response time
  • Improve SQL read/writes
  • Tune SQL performance
  • DB,Object caching
  • Headers

Mobile User Experience Improvement Services

Having a desktop site that works well is not the only requirement to success. Mobile traffic is severely outgrowing the desktop traffic in 2017.

You want to ensure that the mobile traffic also sees a mobile friendly website. Visitors are less likely to convert if your mobile website is not usable.

Mobile website could be optimized by

  • Optimizing size content to view port
  • Sizing taps the target appropriately
  • Avoiding interstitials
  • Avoiding any plugins causing slow speeds
  • Configuring the view port properly
  • Using legible fonts for display screens

Website Speed Optimization

We craft beautiful websites that focus on conversions and revenue.

We build beautiful, memorable, high converting shopify online stores.