Cost of Enterprise SEO & Enterprise SEO packages

If you work with an international SEO agency, chances are that you will have teams across multiple countries working on the project to infuse the local culture and nuances of the language into the campaigns.

Enterprises often wonder whether getting an in-house SEO team would be a better option than getting an external agency to help with SEO.

While in-house SEO teams may be a long term strategic thinking, the best talent in the industry in SEO is usually housed in SEO agencies. This is because of the ability to work in diverse industries and scenarios which is not readily available to in-house teams in enterprises.

We offer fixed price SEO packages including enterprise SEO packages & eCommerce SEO packages.

Mojo Dojo is a Australian SEO company with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. We are a Melbourne SEO agency that has a local presence in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and other regional parts of Australia.

Enterprise SEO

$8500 – $15000 per month

Our Enterprise SEO strategy Includes:

  • Website architecture and structure
  • Page speed and performance optimization
  • Mobile-friendliness and responsiveness
  • SSL encryption and HTTPS protocol
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt optimization
  • Canonicalization and duplicate content management
  • 301 redirects and URL rewriting
  • Meta tags and header tags optimization
  • Image optimization and compression
  • JavaScript and CSS file optimization
  • Keyword research and strategy
  • High-quality and engaging content creation
  • Content length and depth optimization
  • Header tags and subheadings optimization
  • Meta descriptions and title tags optimization
  • Content freshness and updates
  • Content marketing and distribution
  • Internal linking and anchor text optimization
  • Content localization and translation
  • Content governance and standards
  • Link building
  • High-quality backlinks plan
  • Google analytics
  • Google Analytics setup and configuration
  • Goal and event tracking setup
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • SEO metrics and KPI tracking
  • A/B testing and experimentation
  • User experience and UX tracking
  • Heatmap and click-tracking analysis
  • SEO audit and technical analysis
  • Competitor analysis and tracking
  • SEO reporting and dashboard creation
  • SEO audit
  • Local SEO
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Local business schema markup
  • NAP consistency and accuracy
  • Local content creation and optimization
  • Language and currency optimization
  • Hreflang tag implementation
  • Geo-targeting and location-based optimization
  • Multilingual and multicultural optimization
  • International SEO strategy and planning
  • Local SEO audit and analysis

Additionally, we can also help with setting up SEO governance and strategy.

  • SEO roadmap and strategy creation
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • SEO team management and training
  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • SEO tool selection and implementation
  • SEO process and workflow optimization
  • SEO metrics and KPI definition
  • SEO reporting and dashboard creation
  • SEO audit and technical analysis
  • Continuous SEO improvement and optimization
  • HIPPO management

Enterprise SEO services are usually planned years in advance and are integrated as a part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Most enterprises say that they have or would like to invest in SEO to grow their brand or product line recognition and target top of the funnel users.

  • 71% of enterprises invest in SEO
  • 57% of businesses with 100+ employees have a dedicated SEO team
  • Enterprise SEO teams manage an average of 1,000+ keywords
  • 71% of enterprises use SEO tools
  • The average enterprise SEO budget is $500,000+ per year
  • Enterprise SEO efforts result in a 14% increase in organic traffic, on average
  • 57% of enterprises prioritize technical SEO over content creation
  • The average enterprise website has 100,000+ pages
  • Enterprise SEO teams spend 40% of their time on content creation
  • 75% of enterprises measure SEO success by organic traffic and revenue

What should enterprise pay for SEO ?

We use a number of factors to calculate the cost of enterprise SEO. This includes

  • Your company size and revenue
  • Your website size and complexity
  • Number of keywords targeted
  • Number of markets targeted
  • Content creation and marketing needs
  • Technical optimization requirements
  • Technical optimizations challenges including CMS considerations
  • Link building and outreach efforts
  • Link building requirements
  • SEO tool and software expenses
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates to content
  • Algorithmic changes and update reviews

If you are not sure if we are the right fit, we recommend starting with an SEO audit to uncover your opportunities in the enterprise space.

Our services are catered towards driving revenue and organic traffic to your enterprise units.

As a global SEO company,we know that each country poses a unique challenge because user behaviour and nuances of culture make online marketing work differently.

Mojo Dojo has worked tirelessly with organizations of all sizes across borders to help them achieve strong SEO growth.

We have completed more than 1307 real world experiments of over 932 organizations in SEO and paid ads management.

That is over 18,000 hours in planning, testing, auditing, implementing & analyzing real world experiments in online marketing.

Typical Agency

✔️ Dedicated or shared account manager

✔️ Monthly reporting

❓ Direct phone support

Implementation offshored

Access limited to account manager with never having access to true subject matter expert

Cookie cutter approach to all online marketing

No milestones or growth goals to track and measure progress

Checklist based optimisation with no SEO expert review and junior executives implementing

In-house Team

✔️ Good understanding of the business

✔️ Can create own tracking and reporting schedule

❓ Subject matter expertise only and lacks broad spectrum of experience in online marketing

❓ Expensive to train

❓ Expensive to retain

Lack of tooling because of limited budgets for SEO and other online marketing

Documentation gaps, internal politics, lack of resources

Lack of urgency

✔️ Dedicated account manager with the option of face to face catch-up in your city

✔️ Six subject matter experts assigned to each project

✔️ Real time reporting

✔️ Direct phone support. Speak directly to the expert not the middleman.

✔️ Implementation onshore. Local team to work with and collaborate.

✔️ Monthly milestones & yearly growth plan

✔️ Custom marketing strategy developed specifically for your business

✔️ Over 200K per year spent on tooling alone

✔️ Implementation urgency built into the plan