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Branded Hashtag Challenges are an exciting feature completely unique to TikTok – so you’ll want to make sure you get involved in these!

Branded hashtag challenge are paid ads in the organic feed which encourages users to post videos of themselves performing an action that is specified as the “challenge”. We can help create, manage or launch such branded hashtag challenges.

These challenges harness the power of User Generated Content (UGC) which encourages people to interact directly with your brand by creating videos and using hashtags for your brand.

User Generated Content and Branded Hashtag Challenges have been an integral part of TikTok’s rise to fame – and have the potential to go global and viral overnight!

In fact, user generated content outperforms conventional ads by up to 50%, and consumers report that they find it 9.8x more impactful than influencer marketing content.

You can have a lot of fun with this format, and it’s a chance to get creative with songs, dance moves, or a task that users are challenged to recreate.

A Branded Hashtag Challenge typically includes three different elements;

  1. A memorable hashtag that promotes your brand
  2. An In-Feed Ad to feature the hashtag and motivate users to participate
  3. And a banner on the Discover Page that directs traffic to the Branded Hashtag Challenge and aggregates all the User Generated Content

So you can see, this is a fantastic opportunity to connect and engage with your audience in a way that no other platform can facilitate!

Mojo Dojo can help you create high-quality video content & recommend ideas with high virality. We integrate laser precision targeted campaigns for high growth in User Generated Content and other TikTok ad campaigns.

We can provide help with:

  1. A tailored TikTok Ads management strategy for your niche and industry
  2. Laser targeted audience lists so you’re speaking to the right people
  3. Branding and creative asset production
  4. Creative and TikTok ad campaign optimization
  5. TopView ads campaign management
  6. Spark ads creation & management
  7. Access to in-depth research on influencers that’s not available anywhere else
  8. Branded hashtag challenges creation and moderation
  9. TikTok In-Feed Ads campaign creation
  10. Recommendations to make viral content refined by running hundreds of campaigns
  11. Retargeting to ensure you never miss a customer
  12. A full-funnel approach to TikTok Ads including remarketing on Google or remarketing on Linkedin
  13. Complete tracking setup for ongoing monitoring
  14. Detailed reporting so you can see your ROI  in real-time

TikTok’s Branded Hashtag Challenge (HTC) allows brands to be where their audience already is.

HTC can be used to

  • Ignite and amplify engagement on your videos
  • Generate users and participants in the full funnel
  • Improve your organic visibility
  • Improve brand awareness

HTC campaigns also allow you to have many possibilities with HTC add-on to improve your campaign performance.

  • HTC + branded effect to give you the unique 2D or 3D look
  • HTC + hastag emoji that appear alongside hashtags anywhere they go
  • HTC + contest to start contest on the platform with prizes
  • HTC + explore page that adds an extra “explore” tab on your official challenge page.

HTC gives you extra powers to use the creative capabilities of your users to take your UGC to the next level. You can turn passive users to active participants and generate the vibe you really need for your brand.

TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge

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