TikTok ads statistics

TikTok ads stats

Social media marketing has changed the way businesses interact with customers and build a community online. TikTok has been the trendsetter and constantly changing the way brands can maximize their community engagement.

TikTok created a new way of interacting with the new generation. TikTok is currently miles ahead of any other platform when it comes to engagement.

In fact, according to research conducted by TikTok and Kantar:

  • 92% of users have taken relevant action after watching a TikTok
  • 25% of TikTok users say they purchase or research a product after seeing it on the platform
  • Sponsored hashtags have an engagement rate of 8.54%
  • 54% of users were able to recall branded content seen on TikTok
  • And advertisements on TikTok reach 17.9% of internet users who are above 18, which translates to 885 million users

Can you imagine what that kind of engagement could do for your business? Can you imagine the kind of traction this engagement could generate? As a whole, TikTok users are more likely to pay greater attention to sponsored videos, feel positive after seeing your content, and interact with your brand beyond the platform.

And contrary to what many believe, it’s not just about funny videos, memes, or viral dance challenges (although that is part of the fun!). TikTok has proven to convert their high engagement into concrete sales and purchase intent for businesses of all sizes.

As a platform, TikTok is committed to developing new features that help brands integrate seamlessly into the platform. For example, in 2020 TikTok partnered with Shopify to help e-commerce merchants leverage TikTok as a sales channel to create organic, shoppable video ads with easily trackable campaigns.

Mojo Dojo can help you create high-quality video content & recommend ideas with high virality. We integrate laser precision targeted campaigns for high growth in User Generated Content and other TikTok ad campaigns.

We can provide help with:

  1. A tailored TikTok Ads management strategy for your niche and industry
  2. Laser targeted audience lists so you’re speaking to the right people
  3. Branding and creative asset production
  4. Creative and TikTok ad campaign optimization
  5. TopView ads campaign management
  6. Spark ads creation & management
  7. Access to in-depth research on influencers that’s not available anywhere else
  8. Branded hashtag challenges creation and moderation
  9. TikTok In-Feed Ads campaign creation
  10. Recommendations to make viral content refined by running hundreds of campaigns
  11. Retargeting to ensure you never miss a customer
  12. A full-funnel approach to TikTok Ads including remarketing on Google or remarketing on Linkedin
  13. Complete tracking setup for ongoing monitoring
  14. Detailed reporting so you can see your ROI  in real-time

TikTok user and revenue statistics

You may imagine a TikTok user to be a GenZ or young adult, but the truth is that TikTok demographics is very wide and diverse.

 Pro Tip
Here are some interesting user stats

  • 18%+ audience is women aged 18-24
  • 18% of TikTok Users are Young Males
  • Daily Active User Rate: 29%
  • Time Spent on TikTok in the US: 4.43 Billion Minutes
  • Daily TikTok Usage Among US Teens: 2 in 3
  • Millennials on TikTok: 2.3x More Likely to Tag Brands
  • TikTok Users: 1.4x More Likely to Buy New Tech
  • TikTok’s Storytelling Format: A Major Draw for Users
  • Most Popular Content on TikTok: Tutorials (62%)
  • Gen X TikTok Users: 76% Regularly Go to the Movies

Some interesting TikTok revenue stats

  • 2021: $3.88 billion
  • 2022: $9.9 billion, a 155% increase from the previous year
  • 2023: $16.1 billion, a 67% increase from the previous year
  • 2024: $17.2 billion, projected to reach just over 18 billion
  • 2025: $22 billion, a 28% increase from the previous year

TikTok Statistics

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