TopView Ads are the first-thing your users will see when they open TikTok. This makes TopView ads a fantastic way to gain brand awareness and exposure in a memorable way!

This style of ad is highly visually engaging and can last from 5 to 60 seconds, with best results coming from videos of 15 seconds or more.

These ads are high-impact, full-screen and have the sound on.

According to a study by Kantar, TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to recall a brand from TopView than other ad types.

TopView ads support reach predictability, audience targeting, interactive add-ons, ad formats including spark ads and non-spark ads, sound on and diverse destinations.

For the first few seconds, your ad will take up the full screen with no other overlays, after which it turns into a classic In-Feed Ad with a clickable call-to-action with the usual comment, like, follow, and share options.

And when you choose a TopView Ad, you get to enjoy 100% of the user’s attention because no other brand can advertise as a TopView Ad that day!

TikTok is the right platform to target GenZ.

In fact, according to research conducted by TikTok and Kantar:

  • 92% of users have taken relevant action after watching a TikTok
  • 25% of TikTok users say they purchase or research a product after seeing it on the platform
  • Sponsored hashtags have an engagement rate of 8.54%
  • 54% of users were able to recall branded content seen on TikTok
  • And advertisements on Tik Tok reach 17.9% of internet users who are above 18, which translates to 885 million users

Mojo Dojo can help you create high-quality video content & recommend ideas with high virality. We integrate laser precision targeted campaigns for high growth in User Generated Content and other TikTok ad campaigns.

We can provide help with:

  1. A tailored TikTok Ads management strategy for your niche and industry
  2. Laser targeted audience lists so you’re speaking to the right people
  3. Branding and creative asset production
  4. Creative and TikTok ad campaign optimization
  5. TopView ads campaign management
  6. Spark ads creation & management
  7. Access to in-depth research on influencers that’s not available anywhere else
  8. Branded hashtag challenges creation and moderation
  9. TikTok In-Feed Ads campaign creation
  10. Recommendations to make viral content refined by running hundreds of campaigns
  11. Retargeting to ensure you never miss a customer
  12. A full-funnel approach to TikTok Ads including remarketing on Google or remarketing on Linkedin
  13. Complete tracking setup for ongoing monitoring
  14. Detailed reporting so you can see your ROI  in real-time

We measure success of TikTok ads based on a number of factors including brand awareness, organic traffic, revenue generated and so on.


  • Identify the specific metrics and KPI’s for your marketing campaign
  • Examine your existing creatives and brand strategy
  • Determine a baseline from your pre Tik-Tok Ads sales reports
  • Make accurate predictions and forecasts on what results you can expect

Our clients consistently enjoy higher conversions, consistent lead flow, and more sales.

We’ve worked with high-profile Australian clients such as Luna Park, Novotel, and Access Health to take their social media marketing to the next level.

And we can do it for you too!

No matter your industry, sector, or the size of your business, we can work with you to see increased revenue, traffic, and efficiency through TikTok Ads.

Time and time again, we’ve helped countless business across Australia:

  • Turbo-charge their profits and revenue margins using paid or organic strategies
  • Dramatically increase registrations, purchases, and average customer spend by improving websites and landing pages
  • Build consistent and reliable lead flow and web traffic
  • Surpass industry Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) benchmarks for jaw-dropping campaign results

Simply put, our methods work.

Let us help you capitalize on the unique opportunity TikTok Ads presents for your business.

One simple call could open the doorway to millions of potential customers – are you ready for it?

TikTok TopView Ads

Attract the right audience with our TikTok ads management strategy.