AMP Validator

This is an extension designed to help you give your website visitors the best experience. The AMP Validator extension will help your sites load faster on mobile devices. This is important because, nowadays, most people access websites via their mobile phones.

AMP will load the site’s lite version, allowing your visitors to access information more easily and quickly. When you run AMP on a page that’s not optimized, the extension icon will show a red signal. It will also indicate the number of errors encountered.

When there’s no error on an AMP page, the icon will turn green and show the number of warnings, if any. A blue AMP icon indicates that the page isn’t AMP but an AMP version exists. By clicking the blue icon, you’ll be directed to the AMP page.
AMP Validator:

  • Improves user experience
  • It boosts your SEO.
  • You can easily run it on your site to check the level of responsiveness of your pages.
  • You can conduct validation right from a browser’s toolbar.
  • The color of the icon indicates the issues with your page.

Download Chrome extension