Check My Links

When a search engine crawls your content, it looks beyond keywords. It also tests your links.

Ideally, the links you have should direct readers to authoritative sites to make your site more appealing.

In some cases, the links you have on your site might have stopped working, thus lowering the quality of your content. That’s where Check My Links comes in.

This extension checks for broken links that might be compromising your SEO strategy.

The broken links normally lead to an error page (404 pages) when clicked.

They don’t lead the readers to sites where they can get more information about your topic.

Check My Links will notify you if you have a broken link on your site, so you can edit your posts.

The main advantages of using Check My Links include:

  • Highlights all bad links on pages.
  • It helps you to replace, update, or remove broken links.
  • It saves your timer when you’re designing link-heavy pages.

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