For your SEO strategy, on-page SEO is just half of what you need.

So, you need to work on the other half: off-page SEO.

This SEO strategy involves building links.

Remember that even if your website is well-optimized but lacks backlinks, it won’t do well in terms of ranking.

Manual outreach may sound outrageous, but it’s a good way of building backlinks and boosting SEO results.

The Hunter Chrome extension makes this outreach a lot easier. It will help you get valid email addresses for the domains you are interested in.

As you look for a potential backlink partner on a website, the Hunter extension will help you get the contact details you want, making your work easier.

Once you get the contact information of potential backlink partners, you can write a response and send it to them.

The Hunter:

  • Can help you get contacts instantly through the domain search
  • All the email addresses obtained through Hunter are valid.
  • It’s easy to use.

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