Meta SEO Inspector

If you are out to improve your site’s ranking on Google, you don’t want any SEO-related technical problems to creep in.

Your meta tags tell search engines like Google what a Web page is about. Some people believe meta tags do not matter for SEO. Far from it.

If you don’t optimize your meta tags, you are hurting your website’s rank and losing potential clients to your competitors.

To solve this problem, you can install the META SEO Inspector Extension.

This extension will help you set up your meta tags properly. It also helps diagnose problems with your meta tags.

For example, the extension can alert you when a description is missing or your title tag is too long.

Fixing your meta tags is a crucial step in dealing with your site’s technical search engine optimization issues.

The greatest advantages of this extension are that:

  • It covers meta tags, subheaders, hreflang, structured data, Open Graph tags, canonicals, and more.
  • provides comprehensive information about the external and internal scripts you’ve used on your pages.
  • With one click, it will display all SEO information and meta tags (including images lacking alt text, headers, URLs, lengths of descriptions, and titles).

Download Chrome extension