Wappalyzer can help you get positive results with your SEO strategy without too much effort. It will help you go beyond your site and have a look at your competitors’ websites. So you can study the high-ranking sites and analyze what they are doing differently. You’ll love this extension because:

  • It tells you the technologies the high-ranking websites are using.
  • help you detect server software, content management systems (CMSs), analytic tools, etc.
  • It can be used to obtain contact information.
  • It includes lookup capabilities for lead generation, website monitoring, and email verification. It can also be used for data enrichment, competitive analysis, and market research.

If you are looking to boost your marketing campaigns on a budget, the best starting point is to use the free SEO Chrome extensions listed above. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the list above isn’t complete. You can do further research to find more free Chrome extensions to improve your SEO strategy. When choosing extensions, pick only the ones that are relevant to your business. If you aren’t sure what your business needs, talks to an SEO expert. When choosing an SEO expert, check their background to ensure they are qualified, experienced, and honest. Also consider their charges and whether they will be available for ongoing support.

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